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General Manager - Austin

General Manager - Austin


We’re excited you think we can create greatness together!  Let’s get to know each other a bit more and see if we’re truly a good fit.

Why in the world does Kuya exist?

As a collective nation, we are getting sicker.  Conventional medical models are failing and we are now seeing mental health epidemics with Anxiety Disorders and Depression. As a result, we have a population that is largely suffering with health, relationships, happiness and purpose.

We’re desperate for something new.  And we deserve it.

On top of our mental health crisis and for many reasons it seems we are a culture devoid of healthy, resilient communities. We are isolated, diffuse, polarized, and in many instances lost. People are longing for the the sense of belonging.  We are designed to organize around sacred aims, share values, bear our hearts, work together.  

People are hungry for community.

We believe there are better philosophies and better models for healing than what is generally being offered.  We believe in transformation.  We believe in our ability to come together; form sacred circles; work in the way of council; laugh, work, play together.  We believe in our ability to architect systems that promote resilient community.  We believe that together we can do more good.

We desire to make change in ways that are good and right for the world.

Please review our website (kuya.life) to familiarize yourself with our frequency and philosophies.  

If you feel Kuya’s vibration align with yours, please read on.  If not, no worries, we lovingly support your search continuing elsewhere in all the ways that are best for you.

Meet the team you’ll be joining…

Kuya is an assembly of humans that care about Humanity’s future.  We are visionaries, healers, big thinkers, and action-takers.  Our team is filled with passionate hearts, fired up to do good in this world.  We believe change can happen.  We believe we can achieve the unimaginable.  And our faith lies deeply in the shared intentions of healing, building healthy community and restoring regenerative culture globally.  

We're looking for people that are innately creative, that have imaginations and that can solve problems. It doesn't matter if you're a socialite or a bit nerdy, if you can have fun and get shit done, we like you.

On the other hand, if your resume says anything about your ability to multitask, we’re likely not a good fit and we wish you the best with your next opportunity.

What do you think?  If for any reason this doesn’t resonate with you, then please let’s do a high five and part ways here.  If you’re a “heck yes,” read on…

We are looking for a General Manager for Kuya’s first facility in Austin, TX.

 If you’re the right person…

  • You are dependable.  When you commit to something it gets done.
  • You have a superior knack for managing people.
  • You are extremely vigilant, nothing gets past you.  You have an innate ability to take in a lot of information at once and notice a tremendous amount of the happenings in the room around you.
  • You are a systems thinker.  You have experience taking complexity and refining it into a repeatable process that others can follow with ease and without mistake
  • You never let anything slip through the cracks.  
  • You are often labeled a perfectionist.
  • You do not shy away from conflict.  You are comfortable setting hard boundaries and you know how to correct dysfunction
  • You have a big heart.
  • You love being social.
  • You trust your intuition.
  • You are inclined to joke and laugh a lot!

General Qualifications

  • You are detail-oriented and organized.
  • You are driven and hungry for success, and always want to learn more.
  • You know how to manage people to get the most out of them and they still love their job.  
  • You are comfortable enforcing boundaries and discipline. 
  • You are steeped in conflict resolution.
  • You are educated and well-practiced in Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
  • You have a big gas tank, you can work hard for long periods and/or days in a row without getting drained.



  • Process.  You create detailed, documented processes for all repeated tasks so that anyone can follow them without mistake in your absence.
  • Systems.  You can create dynamic systems to fit the needs of the customer and the team.  You have a deep enough knowledge of tech in order to implement software to automate, track and monitor the systems.
  • Accountability.  You create your own goal-derived roadmaps and hold yourself and the team accountable by clearly defined KPI’s.
  • Decisive. Even though you are a perfectionist you know how to make decisions swiftly so as to not hold of company momentum.
  • Diplomatic.  We operate our business in the way of council.  We are a circle, and it will be your job to conduct circle councils so all stakeholders feel heard and valued.  
  • Financially responsible.  You know how to track and audit the finances for the things you manage, in this case, inventory and payroll.  You create reports to management on expenditure and efficiencies.
  • Autonomy.  This position is predicated on your ability to brainstorm, think creatively, and critically about your work.  You will have guidance and support as you begin, but we’d like to see you evolve into an autonomous master of production.  Should be able to create a strong production schedule that’s transparent to us and adhere to it.


Annual Compensation 

* we are a startup and this is a startup salary.  As we begin to hit our growth KPIs we gain more availability to expenditure, including compensation. 

Employment Type

Full time.  On location.


Generally you will be responsible for ensuring that our facility is running well.

Manage Staff

  • Set schedules
  • Ensure adherence to roles and tasks
  • Ensure compliance to company policy
  • Audit performance and productivity
  • Audit clock in / clock out
  • Keeping staff honest with transactions
  • Managing and approving time-off requests

Inventory Management

  • Create systems to ensure we don’t run out of items
  • Create systems for all staff to receive orders and update inventory
  • Run report on sales and areas of improvement
  • Educated on products
  • Curation of new products

Customer Experience

  • You’re managing the team that is front-facing to the customers.  You may collaborate with management on strategy, policy, scripts and systems but it will be your duty to set mandates and anchor compliance with staff.
  • Decision-making on customer service issues.
  • Some coordination of communications to clients - these will primarily be alerts and notifications.  Tracking when / where communications to clients will be necessary.

Facility Quality Assurance

  • Management of our facility operations director
  • Equipment upkeep and maintenance - managing all the service technicians and maintenance people.
  • In the event of an equipment failure emergency, you will be the one who puts out the fire (figuratively speaking)
  • Managing janitorial service
  • Enforce and maintain the mandate: ‘nothing out of place’


  • We’re all responsible for making this business profitable.  You will hold a part of that responsibility in sales.  Bringing in new leads.  Closing new memberships.  Upselling by educating people on the benefits of our offerings.
  • Auditing daily transaction log to identify any errors
  • Visibility into monthly trends and potential areas of concern


You know you are crushing it at this job if within the first year if...

  • The CEO is at ease knowing that everything is taken care of 
  • The costs are managed well 
  • You are on track for measuring the KPI: 2 million in revenue
  • Keep margin on the overall growth at 30%
  • Solid systems are in place that can transcend turnover 
  • Optimal flow is happening in the space
  • Ensures that everyone does their job well
  • Everyone is happy (customers, clients, team)

If you're fired up and this is absolutely you, please fill out the application here

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