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Kuya IV lounge Nurse

Kuya IV lounge Nurse

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We’re excited you think we can create greatness together!  Let’s get to know each other a bit more and see if we’re truly a good fit.

Why in the world does Kuya exist?

As a collective nation, we are getting sicker.  Conventional medical models are failing and we are now seeing mental health epidemics with Anxiety Disorders and Depression. As a result, we have a population that is largely suffering with health, relationships, happiness and purpose.

We’re desperate for something new.  And we deserve it.

On top of our mental health crisis and for many reasons it seems we are a culture devoid of healthy, resilient communities. We are isolated, diffuse, polarized, and, in many instances, lost. People are longing for the sense of belonging.  We are designed to organize around sacred aims, share values, bear our hearts, work together.  

People are hungry for community.

We believe there are better philosophies and better models for healing than what is generally being offered.  We believe in transformation.  We believe in our ability to come together; form sacred circles; work in the way of council; laugh, work, play together.  We believe in our ability to architect systems that promote resilient community.  We believe that together we can do more good.

We desire to make change in ways that are good and right for the world.

Please review our website (kuya.life) to familiarize yourself with our frequency and philosophies.  

If you feel Kuya’s vibration align with yours, please read on.  If not, no worries, we lovingly support your search continuing elsewhere in all the ways that are best for you.

Meet the team you’ll be joining…

Kuya is an assembly of humans that care about Humanity’s future.  We are visionaries, healers, big thinkers, and action-takers.  Our team is filled with passionate hearts, fired up to do good in this world.  We believe change can happen.  We believe we can achieve the unimaginable.  And our faith lies deeply in the shared intentions of healing, building healthy community and restoring regenerative culture globally.  

We're looking for people that are innately creative, that have imaginations and that can solve problems. It doesn't matter if you're a socialite or a bit nerdy, if you can have fun and get shit done, we like you.

On the other hand, if your resume says anything about your ability to multitask, we’re likely not a good fit and we wish you the best with your next opportunity.

What do you think?  If for any reason this doesn’t resonate with you, then please let’s do a high five and part ways here.  If you’re a “heck yes,” read on…

We are looking for an IV Lounge Nurse for Kuya’s first facility in Austin, TX.


  • Need to have excellent patient care and relationships, teamwork, patient teaching, innovative thinking while providing excellent customer service
  • Administer IV therapies of vitamins, minerals, and nootropics per Kuya protocols, prescriber orders, facility protocols, INS standards and company policy and procedures
  • Adhere to patient privacy requirements as defined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Perform all aspects of patient care in an environment that optimizes patient safety and reduces the likelihood of medical errors
  • Interface with a point-of-sale system to charge clients for IV services rendered
  • Complete all documentation of patient treatment process, including progress notes and discharge summaries in an accurate and timely manner
  • Become confidently knowledgeable with Kuya IV offerings to make client recommendations (we will provide educational resources). 
  • Support accurate tracking of inventory
  • Clean, sanitize and stock treatment rooms between patients
  • Communicate significant changes in patient conditions to Supervising Physician and provide appropriate intervention based on standing orders and direction from Supervising Physician
  • Communicate appropriately and clearly to Supervising Physician, clinical, and office staff

General Qualifications

  • One of the following Texas licenses (must be current):  RN, PRN, EMT
  • Excellent IV skills  (1 year experience preferred)
  • Experience monitoring light to moderate sedation (preferred) 
  • Remain current and achieve required continuing education units



Compensation –  $35 /hour

Employment Type – 3 nine-hour shifts per week. On location. Must be available to work at least one weekend day.

* Would consider a deferential pay rate for anyone who will work Sat and Sunday every week.


If you’re the right person…

  • You are comfortable and excited about the position of IV nurse at Kuya.  You understand that Kuya is looking to fill this specific role.
  • You are eager to showcase your value to Kuya by filling a role that supports the whole team.
  • You have a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude.
  • You have a curious mindset and are ready / willing to be coached.
  • You’re fired up about doing good in the world, being part of the human healing project, and are committed to the betterment of our culture.
  • You love being around people, learning about their stories, and seeing the uniqueness in individuals.
  • You don’t get stressed out easily and can be responsive under pressure.
  • When you see something that needs to get done, you jump on it, apply yourself and do what you can quickly to get it across the finish line.
  • You like to have fun and know how to lighten a room.
  • Smiling comes easily and naturally.
  • You know intimately what it feels like to be a generative and harmonious member of a team / community.
  • You believe our healthcare system needs change.

If you're fired up and this is absolutely you, please fill out the application here.

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