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The human is a complex system with many variables that contribute to our health and how we feel. Our different parts work together, relying on each other. A dysfunction in one area often leads to imbalances in other areas. In most cases, when something is wrong, it isn’t just one thing—and there is no magic bullet cure-all.

We believe it is important to investigate each of these different parts. To get to the root of the problem, we’ve developed a diagnostic suite that gives us the information we need to provide you with a treatment plan that addresses you as a whole human.



These assessments give us a well-rounded picture of your starting place so that we can create an individualized lifestyle plan designed according to your genetics, blood work, and psychology.  

This includes: Blood work · Genomics · Psychological assessment and mental health diagnosis · Cognitive assessment (performance, memory, and sleep) · Lifestyle assessment · Nutrition and lifestyle optimization plan (taken from blood work and genomics) · 60-minute health plan discussion with a Kuya clinician

Note: Brainmap (qEEG) is not included in this package but can be purchased at additional cost. It must be performed on-site at Kuya.

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our diagnostics

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blood work

If humans are a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, a thorough blood analysis is the first step to unlocking our secrets. It provides information about what is working well and which areas need some attention.

Some of the markers we examine are:

  • Vitamins and mineral status
  • Hormone levels
  • Thyroid function
  • Testosterone levels
  • Inflammatory markers
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Liver health
  • Heart health
  • Fatty acid balance

How? We’ll send you a blood draw lab order that you take to your local lab, wherever you live in the U.S.

Zoomed-in DNA double helix illustration.


With a simple saliva swab, we run an analysis of your genome; specifically, how your genes are expressing (e.g. your epigenetics). Where other companies focus on ancestry data, our analysis produces much more useful findings. In one 70-page report specific to your genetic blueprint you’ll get simple, actionable recommendations to help you optimize your nutrition, sleep, supplementation, environmental health, detoxification, athletic performance, and hormonal balance.

Some of the things you learn are:

  • How to optimize your nutrition
  • Potential for hormone imbalances
  • Supplements that support your longevity and energy
  • How you metabolize vitamins, minerals, and caffeine
  • Your optimal sleep patterns
  • Sensitivities to allergens and environmental factors
  • The effectiveness of your detoxification pathways
  • How your body is designed for athletic performance

How? The genetic test is a mouth swab that you perform yourself. You can do this here at Kuya or we will mail you a test kit.

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psychological assessment

Many of us walk around without knowing that we have a psychological limitation. It’s common to be operating at 50% of our potential while assuming this is the best we can do. We don't know how it feels to operate at full capacity. A psychological assessment helps us understand where we may be out of balance.

Some of the areas we evaluate are:

  • Anxiety disorder
  • Depression
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and complex PTSD
  • Sleep
  • Stress

How? You complete a one-hour online assessment either at your home or here at Kuya.

Brain illustrated as maze.

cognitive assessment

Stress, depression, fatigue, lifestyle, and other variables can really take a toll, leading to decreased cognitive functioning. We know, because we’ve been there. We use a cognitive assessment to give us an idea of how your brain is functioning.

Some of the variables we consider are:

  • Composite memory
  • Verbal memory
  • Visual memory
  • Psychomotor speed
  • Processing speed
  • Motor speed
  • Executive function

How? You complete a one-hour online assessment either at your home or here at Kuya.

Backpacker walking towards horizon along a path, surrounded by water and mountains.

lifestyle assessment

This gives us a more complete picture of you including your past, your present, and what your future can look like. It helps to clarify areas of your life that may have atrophied and need support, such as nutrition or stress management. It also shows us where you feel fulfilled and what’s working for you.

Some of the variables we examine are:

  • Past and current stressors
  • Activity levels
  • General sense of fulfillment
  • Career
  • Home and work environment
  • Habits

How? You complete a 30-45 minute online assessment either at your home or here at Kuya.

Illustration of neurons.

brainmap (qEEG)

We map your brain function using qEEG (Quantitative EEG), an electrical measurement, analysis, and quantification of your brainwaves. This shows us the specific areas of your brain that are not functioning optimally and areas that are not communicating with each other as they should be.

Some of the things we can do are:

  • Identify psychiatric problems
  • Discover cognitive issues
  • Gain clarity on your brain’s power
  • Understand your brainwave patterns
  • Locate the source of your tinnitus
  • Know where your brain is performing suboptimally
  • Provide treatment protocols that heal you back to normal
  • Give you brain-boosting protocols that elevate you beyond normal

How? This takes about 40-60 minutes and can only be done on-site at Kuya.

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KUYA diagnostics

Blood work
Lifestyle assessment
Psychological assessment and mental health diagnosis
Cognitive assessment (performance, memory, and sleep)
Specialty panels: mycotoxins, glyphosate, heavy metals, environmental toxins, hormones, gut health, and more

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