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Human connection is an intrinsic need that is essential to healing. We thrive when we are in relationships with people we trust who want the best for us, and when we are supported by a community where we know we belong. Kuya stands as a lighthouse for community where we can be ourselves, speak what is in our hearts, and feel safe doing so.

September events

Sep 16

10:00 am

Join us for a transformative and multidimensional healing experience that includes meditation, qigong, and group acupuncture! This event combines breath with the meditative movements of qigong before surrendering into blissful relaxation through acupuncture techniques, all facilitated by Doctor Cass

Sep 14

7:00 pm

This artistic offering is a powerful collaboration between the right and left hemisphere of your brain. We'll create an alchemical fusion of art and logic as we allow for a more synergized self to emerge.

Sep 19

7:00 pm

Come learn from the talented vintage poet and writer, Scott James, during an event that teaches writing techniques to awaken the creativity you already have! We’ll talk about reclaiming a sense of safety, power, and possibility through creativity, plus try several playful creative activations in class.

Sep 5

6:00 pm

We invite the community of practitioners to join us in a training that specializes in teaching how to safely work with negative emotion and trauma. This is a FREE workshop that spreads awareness about how we can permanently heal even the most intense experiences.

Sep 29

6:30 pm

Kate Robberson and Emilie Basez are Texan born artists and songwriters that are also bandmates in the well known female group, Ley Line. Their music blends acoustic instrumentation with their uniquely crafted electronic soundscapes. This duo swirls textures of samba, soul and folk with poetry and vocal harmonies.

Sep 21

7:00 pm

Come to this FREE discussion and be inspired by Dr. Stickler's expertise on peptides and their application to our longevity. Discover how peptides can help you achieve new mental and physical heights.

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