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Discover the top wellness  Memberships in Austin, TX                     

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Experience the transformative power of Kuya Memberships, designed to equip you with practical therapeutics for maintaining mental peace, physical health, and stress resilience. In today's fast-paced world, effective stress management is essential for overall well-being. The Kuya approach focuses on four core modalities - sauna, cold plunge, float tanks, and IV infusions - scientifically proven to elevate everyday wellness. With Kuya, find the tools you need to thrive and experience a radical shift towards a healthier, happier, and more peaceful you.

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kuya memberships

Kuya silver
$190 per month
Your  silver membership includes:

Unlimited Sauna and Cold Plunge

One Float per month

Member Pricing on IVs

Unlimited $25 guest passes

Priority Event Access at Member Pricing

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Kuya Gold
$349 per month
Your gold membership includes:

Two Select IVs per month*

Unlimited Floats

Unlimited Sauna and Cold Plunge

One free guest pass per month

Member pricing on IVs

Unlimited $25 guest pass

Priority Event Access at Member Pricing

* Select IV: your choice of FastVitamin, Methylene Blue, or High Dose Vitamin C (15g)

Become a Gold Member

extra perks

more than just a membership

In addition to your monthly membership, you recieve unlimited access to our Kuya Community Lounge.
Here we host our adaptogenic latte bar and Kuya Coffee. We also invite you to relax, work, and build community.
Our lounge is the perfect spot to work away from home— take breaks to release stress in the sauna, reset your nervous system in the cold plunge, or boost productivity in our IV Lounge.
You also receive first access to our 'extra-circular' wellness services, such as the BioCharger and Opus Bed.


Schedule a 1:1 tour with our staff for inside look into Kuya.
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what our clients say

I love Kuya because it is the ultimate 'soberizer'. When I am feeling less than, I come here and I become more. It's the ultimate place to ground myself and clean myself out. It is the best place I go for spiritual wellbeing and detoxifying myself. When my vices have a strangle hold on me, Kuya will set me free.

Brad B.
Kuya Silver Member

The whole experience of Kuya has contributed to my mental and physical health. I have been coming here for a couple of years and I have met amazing, beautiful people here. I have made lasting friendships, I have had wonderful conversations in the sauna and cold plunge. It is really a form of community for me. I have also done the IV here, it's a very comfortable environment, the nurses are so kind and informative.

Lindsay B.
Kuya Gold Member

I love Kuya. It is one of the only non-negotiable things that exists in my life. I am here twice a week and being here really helps me to become my best self. Not only are the facilities clean, and beautiful, and amazing, but the community here is just phenomenal. Every time I am in the sauna I make a new friend and I get to go deep and connect with people.

Ted M.
Kuya Silver Member