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Update to Membership Packages

Kuya News

Hi Kuya Community Member,

As an inaugural member of Kuya, THANK YOU for helping make the opening of our doors an exciting and successful journey into the world. Thank you for listening to your heart, heeding the call, and cultivating a vibrant community.

Kuya is more than Sauna / Cold Plunge

While you might have walked in our doors attracted by the physiological benefits that our sauna and cold plunge has to offer, we’d like to share that Kuya stands for so much more.  We are a center of transformation, and we’re here to help you become the future version of yourself that you WANT to be.

We created Kuya to offer transformational, soul-centered medicine to support you in claiming a life you love.  Our core focus is to provide:

  1. Experiential education to help you navigate life from a place of authority

  2. Whole human care through functional, performance, and regenerative medicine as well as integrative psychology, psychedelic medicine, and soul mentorship

  3. Community and connection—we’re human; it’s what we need and helps us heal.

Change in Membership

When we opened our doors, we launched with exceptionally affordable pricing on unlimited membership to use our sauna and cold plunges.  We did this for a reason— we were excited to welcome as many of you into our space and give you a taste of what’s possible at Kuya.

I’m writing to let you know our introductory pricing period will be coming to a close in the near future. 

We remain committed to making Kuya accessible to everyone that can benefit from this community while investing in improving our facilities, programs, and experiences. Our new pricing will reflect those commitments and the value we offer in the way of community and transformation while also supporting the level of excellence you’ve come to expect from our team.

As of May 1, our Kuya basic membership will no longer be available. We will continue to offer our 2X and 4X Wellness Memberships, which include access to the IV lounge, floats, and unlimited access to the sauna and cold plunges. This will remain the same price moving forward (2x at $349/ month; 4x at $499/ month). We’re also excited to introduce our new Kuya Community Membership tier.

The Kuya Community Membership will be our new base-level service package priced at $190 /mo.  We feel this is a fair exchange to ensure continuous growth for our community.  The Kuya Community Membership is more affordable and accessible than Austin’s sauna / cold plunge alternatives and offers considerably more value.  

As a Kuya Community Member you receive:

  1. Early access to ticketed gatherings with transformational thought leaders from around the world
  2. Unlimited sauna 
  3. Unlimited cold plunge 
  4. Discounted pricing in IV lounge
  5. Member pricing for a la carte floats ($50 instead of $70)
  6. $25 guest passes (up to 3 per visit)
  7. A beautiful space to gather with community, connect through transformation, and co-create a new world


After April 30, all basic memberships will be automatically transferred to a Community Membership, unless you request that your membership be terminated here. Your membership renewal date will remain the same. If you prefer to visit Kuya as a drop in rather than a member, this accessibility will be available for $65 a day.

We understand for some, the new price exchange may be difficult. We want you to know Kuya is committed to diversity in all directions and don’t want anyone to feel left out.  At the same time, we have a level of excellence we are continuously trying to deliver.  As part of our commitment to building a diverse community and offering access to transformational medicine, we are creating solutions that would provide access to those of you who have financial constraints.  

We are working hard to architect and anchor a coherent community.  We’re looking to support those who are interested in being active members of our community. Whether it’s attending gatherings and discussion groups, getting to know your other community members, supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs we bring in to serve you, or simply helping us maintain a clean and welcoming space.

We all are the bringers of the new story of love on this planet. It’s going to take massive transformation to get there. The best place is to begin is with ourselves.

We invite you all to listen in to the transformation calling you.

With gratitude, 

Guenter Bergmann

Action Required if Terminating:
All basic memberships will be automatically transferred to a Kuya Community Membership, unless you request that your membership be terminated here.